Jan 22 14 1:24 AM

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Syrian regime 'torture' photographs could be the tip of the iceberg, warn human rights experts


Witness said he was tasked to record deaths in custody from 2011 to 2013. There are 55,000 photos which lawyers say are evidence of extreme torture. Report made by ex-war crimes prosecutors who deem witness 'credible'. One lawyer said abuses are likely to be even more extensive. Foreign Secretary said the images are 'compelling and horrific'Dossier commissioned by British lawyers for Qatar which supports rebelsAssad regimes questioned the authenticity of the photographs

Aid agencies have warned that sickening pictures of tortured corpses - allegedly victims of 'systematic killing' in Syrian jails - are just the tip of the iceberg.

The shocking images, smuggled out of the country by a military police photographer, were described as 'clear evidence' of crimes against humanity by a team of war crimes prosecutors.

They show emaciated corpses with strangulation marks, cuts, bruising and signs of electrocution – evidence of extreme torture, claim investigators. Some victims had no eyes.