Oct 24 13 9:26 AM

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Welcome to Animal Battles!

Here is a list of Rules and Sanctions about the forum: Not in particular order

1) No Pornography or explicit material.

2) No trolling, Insulting, Flaming or bullying.

3) No spam or advertisements.

4) No vs threads out side of the vs section.

5) No drama battles.

6) You must give credit to the person you got information from.

7) No animal abuse, especially dog fights.

8) Before you join chat room, introduce yourself to the community.

9) No fake accounts/imposters. You will be banned!

10) If you piss off one of the admins or me, you will be banned!

If you receive five warnings in one month, you will be banned for one week or more. Warnings will be received by breaking any minor rule which includes spamming, trolling, and Insulting.