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Feb 2 14 12:07 AM

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Just to have some fun in the forum, enjoy the images. Do you have more cute tiger cub images, post them here. smiley: tongue

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Feb 2 14 12:08 AM

Your morning adorable: Amur tiger cub and Sumatran tiger cub come to (playful) blows in German zoo:

October 28, 2010


It's a tiger-cub extravaganza at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo.


Tschuna, an Amur tiger cub born there in August, has been joined by Daseep, a Sumatran tiger cub born at the Frankfurt Zoo in September. Both cubs were rejected by their mothers and have thus far been hand-raised by keepers at their respective zoos. The zoos decided the best thing for them was to allow them to live together, so Daseep recently made the move from Frankfurt to Wuppertal.


"This is important so that both tigers can get on with others belonging to their own kind in the future and hopefully start a family of their own," Manfred Niekisch, director of the Frankfurt Zoo, told Agence France-Presse earlier this month.


Daseep (at left in the photo above) was a surprise birth; her mother, Malea, was believed to be infertile. She and Tschuna are important new additions to their respective tiger subspecies, both of which are endangered.




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Feb 3 14 8:26 AM

According with the article, the Sumatran cub is a female. I think (not very sure) that the Amur cub is a male.

Check these articles:

For the Amur cub:

For the Sumatran cub:

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Feb 3 14 8:41 PM

Hello, I once saw a longer documentary about the gathering of these cats. Both of them are female. The siberian is a bit older than the sumatran.


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Feb 3 14 10:42 PM

Thank you very much for the information.


So, both cubs are females, but the Amur one is older by one month. Even then, the size and skin color difference is very notable.


Amur and Javanese tigers are the two tips of tiger evolution. Sadly as there are no more living Javanese specimens, Sumatran tigers are the closest one to the Sunda tigers.


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