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Feb 4 14 6:56 AM

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BTW, the second tiger cub was innocent, and didn't deserve to get treated like that.

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Feb 4 14 11:18 PM

This happens when idiot people think that tigers are just “large kitties” and when idiot trainers don’t have the capacity to dominate these dangerous wild animals.


TIGERS ARE NOT PETS!!! smiley: mad Tigers are the most perfect land predator on Earth, they instincts are programmed to hunt and kill.


Sadly that in these situations, the tigers always get the worst part.



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Feb 5 14 10:04 AM

I agree with guate. I had the opportunity to play with 3 month old tiger cub...I played with him about 1 hour, but it´s definitely not a pet. He was not agressive but he was constantly biting - this cat is a hunter not a pet.

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