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Feb 5 14 6:19 AM

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China: Siberian tigers train to survive in wild

Siberian tigers are being trained to hunt live animals as Chinese breeders prepare to release them into the wild, it's been reported.

Two- and three-year old tiger cubs are undergoing what officials call "wilderness training" at the Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Garden in north-east China, state news agency Xinhua reports. It's part of an effort to raise numbers of the endangered species living in the wild.

The training in winter snow can be a "solid step" for the animals, who need to survive in the mountains and "multiply by themselves", zoologists say.

Siberian tigers are one of the world's most endangered species. It's estimated there are only 300 left in the wild, of which 20 are in north-east China. The centre at Heilongjiang has seen more than 1,000 births since 1996.

Some 6,000 Siberian tigers are being raised in zoos across China, state television says. The Siberian tiger is a "first-class protected animal" alongside the giant panda.

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Feb 11 14 12:32 AM

Hopefully this actually happens. I seem to read quite a few of "plans" to release these tigers without ever actually pulling the trigger. If it is a "first class protected animal" then lets see them take the steps that India is doing with camera trapping, and ramped up forrest officials constantly searching the areas with high poacher and tiger traffic. I mean, China could take a cue from the amount of tourism generated in the ever growing Tiger safaris that are going on in places like Ranthambore.

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