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Mar 1 14 10:01 PM

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The Free Lance Star - 1985

Raised from a cub by Long, Cusan is 680 pounds of Bengal tiger at age 2, with a black and gold coat, rippling muscles, fangs, retractable claws and the disposition of a grossly over grown kitten. "He's gonna be close to 800 pounds," Long says.

I was wondering what you guys think, do you believe the claim?

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#2 [url]

Mar 4 14 3:10 AM

Hello guys, sorry for not post here on these days, but the job absorbs me a lot. The old days of posting in my free time had gone. smiley: tired

However, I have a few new post in the work (you have saw two of them right now), and I have buy several books about tigers, among them the huge and incredible "Tiger: The ultimate Guide" of Valmik Thapar!!!!! Yes guys, I have it now and is AMAZING!!! smiley: happy

About this new tiger, the picture show a large tiger, surely no less than 227 kg (500 lb). A weight of up to 308 kg is not impossible in captivity. The problem is that this cat was only 2 years old, so this cat is certainly very fat. Sadly, the picture don't present the full view of this cat.

The last issue is the source itself. This magazine is a sensationalist source (it presents the bat boy!!) and surely not a reliable source. 

So, I don't, I can't, believe this claim. smiley: frown

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