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Oct 24 13 9:35 AM

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Introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about you!

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Oct 26 13 8:52 AM

tigerluver wrote:
I am tigerluver, you may know be from my work with the Ngandong tiger. I look forward to rebuilding the database here.
Great to see you here Tigerluver. I will send a message to GrizzlyClaw to join us here to.

This will be great. I will create the topic tomorrow and this time, I will begin with the original and basic data, specially now that we have the images of the original bones.

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Oct 27 13 11:36 AM

Originally I was going to take a break but now we have a new forum. Hopefully there are no flamewars and we can all debate respectfully and have a good time.

King take a look at my site when you get the chance though. Tell me what you think.

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Oct 28 13 11:13 PM

Don't worry Malikc, we will erase any post with bad words and definitely there will be no "flame wars". Kingtheropod and I will try to create another Premier League. Bad posters and trolls will be immediately banned this time.



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Dec 10 13 4:58 PM



I just logged in the first time after the hacking of ava and found the invitation from King to his new forum. Thanks for this. AVA is dead right now. No moderation and only spam. Don't know if even the premier league is a good place to post in future. Will stick to this and roflcopters forum in future.


"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

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Jan 18 14 2:27 AM

Hi it is perrault . Ava is in not good shape , but ship may be righting itself soon . Anyway this forum is awesome and if y'all don't mind i will be looking in and contributing sometimes . GREAT STUFF AND WELL DONE !

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Jan 25 14 10:17 PM

I am sanjay, know about this forum by rofal invitation. I am web developer by professional and want to contribute in saving and spreading good information about wildlife. Though I have not very deep knowledge of carnivores but i am heavily inclined to these animals especially felines. I hope I will learn lot form here
I am also planning big website idea base on wildlife and nature with peter and hope to get support from here also

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Jan 31 14 10:22 PM

Welcome to all!!!

If you search a good conversation, good information, respect of Science and Scientists, and pass a good time, here is your place. smiley: smile

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