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Mar 15 14 3:46 AM

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Hello my friends. This post is only to inform that my previous account named "GuateGojira" was hacked and completely banned from all the YUKU forums.
In order to continue where, I created a new account "GuateGojira1", the difference is that it have a number "1" at the end.
If you want to send me a PM, please use my new account.
For the moment I am not yet allowed to post in the original AVA forum. So, I will post only here until my previous situation there could be fixed.
Greetings to all.  
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Posts: 4 Member Since:relative

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Mar 15 14 8:57 PM

Hi again GrizzlyClaws. Yes, it is indignant that this things still happen.

Let's hope that everything could return to the normality. YUKU have made an excellent work of recovery.

Greetings to all. image

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