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Feb 5 14 1:44 AM

Btw some of their male tigers are real giants...I think that photos of those tigers are well known...

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Feb 5 14 7:19 AM

The largest and the smallest cat of the world

This is an image of anthology, check it:



Here we can see the largest cat on Earth (the tiger) and the smallest cat (Rusty-spotted cat). Incredible, both are from Asia. I use only scientific data, no hunting sources.


For the size of the Rusty-spotted cat, I choose the source of Hunter & Barrett (2011) because it presents all the summarized data of Sunquist & Sunquist (2002) and that of MacDonald & Loveridge (2010).


As for the size of the tiger, I use the reference of Smith et al. (1983) because is the original source of the weight of 261 kg. Now that we know that this figure represents the result of a chest girth-weight equation and that the empty belly weight of the Sauraha male (c.260 kg) is practically the same than this figure (all this information thanks to the kind communications and help of Dr Sunquist and Dr Dinerstein), I believe that is correct to quote it like it is. The estimation of c.218 kg of Yamaguchi is incorrect and is not based in any facts, so is unreliable.


As for the body length of tiger, the longest Bengal tiger recorded by scientists measured 204 cm while the longest Amur tiger was of 208 cm. As the image presented is at species level, I choose to put the figure of 208 cm. Besides, there are several Bengal tigers that surpassed this figure in the reliable hunting records “between pegs”, so there is no problem to quote this size.


Hope you like it. Save it for future references.


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Feb 5 14 10:39 AM

Huge tigresses, there are several cases of tigresses growing larger than their male lion mates.

And this is a huge white tigress with a male African lion.


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Feb 7 14 10:28 AM

Marty the Siberian tiger root canal

"A 4-year-old male Siberian tiger named Marty had to undergo the dreaded dental procedure in his den at Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park on Wednesday (Dec. 18) after keepers noticed signs of trouble. Marty apparently had a small chip on his lower right canine and was starting to rely on the left side of his mouth while chewing, according to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

With X-ray technicians, animal dentists and veterinarians on hand, zoo officials decided to anaesthetize the tiger to get a closer look at its tooth and treat it, if necessary."

"And at 412 lbs. (187 kilograms), Marty's body presents a daunting amount of dead weight: It took six keepers to carry the big cat on a stretcher to a bedding area to be monitored after the tooth treatment. Keepers also took advantage of Marty's rare sedated state to perform an abdominal ultrasound and take blood and fur samples."

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Feb 7 14 10:50 AM

I found this interesting.

The foundation gives a little bit of information on the cats, weights and even DNA test for one of them...


Sean is a male white Siberian-Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris), born in 1998.  He weighs about 500 pounds.

Sean started out on some pretty shaky ground.  He was born with extremely poor eyesight, poor motor skills and sporadic seizures.  He is given naturopathic medicine for his pain and a specially developed formula to help him absorb the nutrients that he needs.  He spent one week at Davis Medical Center and through the testing he received there it was determined that these problems are birth defects and are attributed to an extremely small gene pool of white tigers.  Very few studies have been done on the white tiger, and through programs like ours, we hope to learn more about disorders like Sean’s and how to avoid, treat, and cure them.

We are currently looking for foster parents that can help us give Sean the very best in medical care and attention.  He will require testing and special monitoring of his condition as well as extensive specialized veterinary care for the rest of his life.  Because of his sight impairment, we would like to build a special habitat that will keep him safe and secure while allowing him to be the fun loving cat that he really wants to be.  We do expect him to have a high quality of life as we provide all our cats with everything they need.


Nyla is a female Sumatran Tigress (Panthera tigris). She was donated to us from another facility.   Her lineage is 82% Sumatran and 18% Indochinese Tiger.  Nyla is a 12 year old tigress and weighs about 325 pounds. And, Nyla is an actress! In 1997 she starred in an Exxon commercial!

It is believed that only about 200 Sumatran tigers exist, in and out of captivity.  Sumatran tigers are found only on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.  Forest loss due to agriculture and poaching continues to decrease their numbers.

Nyla is a very vocal cat as many tigers are.  All of these cats here express themselves to us in their own special way.  Nyla, like all the other cats, is leash broken and house broken, which means they know how to use a litter box.  Nyla goes with us as part of our outreach program acting as an ambassador of her species.  Our hope is to stimulate minds, young and old, to do just one thing in their lives — to save these beautiful Big Cats for future generations.  We educate young and old how serious it is to protect the Sumatran’s as well as all tigers environments.

In many ways the tiger today stands at a crossroad — behind it lay years of depletion through over-hunting and loss of natural habitat.  If this trend continues, the road ahead is one of total extinction for the wild tiger.   However, two further paths lay open, those of conservation in its natural habitat and controlled management of existing captive animals.  Just which path the tiger takes is not up to the animals — but up to us.

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Feb 7 14 11:56 AM

Marty? I have seen him about 2.5 years ago...

BTW 187 kg is not much for 4yo amur tiger...I know about 1.5yo male amur who is about 170 kg least the zoo says so...

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Mar 5 14 3:18 AM

Kingtheropod wrote:
Liet. Col. James P. Hines in 1945 killed a tiger in assam which measured 9 ft 6.25 inches and exceeded a scale of 500 pounds.

Typical of the tigers. Hunters and scientists often carry scales that can't deal with the huge weight of the mighty Bengal tiger.

The figure can be mentioned together with the Ambari tiger, which also bottomed a scale of 500 lb.

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Mar 5 14 9:59 PM

GuateGojira wrote:
I have found this:

It presents a large list of big cat attacks from several years. Some of them included weights. KingT, could you make a list about those figures?

Greetings. smiley: smile

Good find! However, I find many of the weights to be suspicious and not trust worthy.

I recommend taking them with a grain of salt as they can merely be estimations.

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Mar 13 14 8:24 AM

Tiger Canyons: Seatao  male tiger weighed 222 kg!

In line with management policy at Tiger Canyons, the largest and most productive male, Seatao has been vasectomised. In a two hour operation, Dr. Charlotte Mouiex  performed the vasectomy.

Dr Charlotte Mouiex  cuts the tube that transports the sperm on Tiger Seatao

After the operation, Seatao was weighed and tipped the scales at 222 kilograms. During the weighing, Seatao woke up briefly, causing some consternation amongst the workers lifting him.

Seatao tips the scales at 220kg

Seatao joins Shy Boy and Tiger Boy as the third male to be vasectomised at Tiger Canyons. Seatao fathered Tigress Julie's second litter of three of which Sundarban and Zaria survive. (Shine, the third cub and a white tigress was killed in an attempted theft.

Seatao has been the most prolific breeding male at Tiger Canyons, fathering cubs with both Julie and Shadow

Seatao also fathered Julie’s third litter of five of which four: Indira, Mahindra, Tibo (white tigress) and Ussuri (has three small cubs) all survive.

Shadow has also produced a litter of cubs fathered by Seatao, of which an unknown number survive. I believe some of the cubs were killed by Julie.

In a recent mating between Tibo and Shy Boy, Tibo instinctively knows that Shy Boy (vasectomised) cannot impregnate her. Therefore, after five copulations, she began to seek out another male, calling from the high rocks. Eventually, a desperate Tibo left her territory to pursue Sundarban. Sundarban, however, showed little interest in copulating with Tibo.

I had seen this behaviour before when Sundarban allowed Mahindra to mate with Panna when Panna was in full oestrus and was vigorously pursuing Sundarban.

Jenna Drew (studying veterinary science) had made the observation previously that Sundarban seemed to have a condition called ‘cryptochid’ (This is when the testicles are inside the body).

After vasectomising Seatao, I asked Dr. Charlotte Mouiex to dart Sundarban so we could do a thorough inspection. Sure enough, Sundarban has the condition ‘cryptochid’. His testicles are inside the body and therefore the temperature of the sperm is too high to be productive. On doing a sonar scan, we were unable to find any testicles at all.

Sundarban has the condition called cryptochid which is where the testicles are internal to the body and therefore the temperature of the sperm is too high

In newsletter 74, I told you about the new tiger behaviour when Sundarban and Mahindra formed a coalition similar to male lions. I now believe that Sundarban’s ‘cryptochid’ condition makes his libido and hence his aggression much lower than normal breeding males.

Having said this, Sundarban has been in several brutal fights and has ousted Shy Boy and Tiger Boy from their territories. Therefore his desire to control as much territory as possible remains the same, while he is libido remains low.

In fact, as he expands his territory, he is moving perilously close to Ussuri’s den site. If he beats up Sariska (the father of Ussuri’s cubs) and takes Sariska’s territory, he could well kill the cubs. However, the theory behind this, is that Sundarban would kill the cubs to bring Ussuri into oestrus so he can inject his own genes. Sundarban does not have any genes to inject because he’s ‘cryptochid’ so would he worry to kill the cubs? I will be sure to keep you informed as things develop!

Sariska, father of Ussuri's cubs, showing normal testicles outside the body

The breeding males presently at Tiger Canyons are Corbett and Sariska from the Shadow gene line and Mahindra from the Julie gene line. Kumba (twelve weeks old) will eventually become the third gene line called the ‘Aurora’ gene line at Tiger Canyons.

The Tiger Canyons experiment continues to produce new facts in the fields of veterinary science, genetics, territorial behaviour and communication.

The genetic profiling of all the tigers and cheetah is presently underway, which will help us take some of the difficult decisions when it comes to managing the genes.

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