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Oct 29 16 11:39 PM

The Greatest Circus Stories Ever Told: Amazing Stories of Life Under the Big Top

Written by Stephen Vincent Brennan: has worked as a circus clown, book editor, teacher, cabaret artist, actor, director, sheephearder and playwright. He is the editor of Classic Adventure Stories, Classic Exploration Stories, The Greatest Cowboy Stories Ever Told, and Classic American Hero Stories. He is now an actor and director with the Theater Wing of the Kaufman Center in New York City, where he lives with his wife, his daughter, and his son.

Makes note of a circus tiger which killed four other animals (two lions and two tigers) in a circus act in California.


"In the Al G. Barnes Circus, in California, for instance, is a great, sleek-muscled, four hundred pound tiger, that is ever watching,... That tiger is a killer. He has murdered four other cat animals, two lions and two tigers, yet if the woman he awaits should appear,"


Another screen shot of the book...


Circus Parade by Jim Tully: Autobiography of circus life


"Based on his time as a circus laborer, Circus Parade presents the sordid side of small-time circus life."

Circus Parade by Jim Tully, Autobiography. Page 162 - 163 A tiger named Ben Royal Kills a lion named Bad Bill "Bad Bill had been separated from the other lions on account of the growing fierceness of his disposition. Anderson placed him in a cage next to Ben Royal, a Bengal tiger.I had often speculated on weather or not Ben Royal could whip Bad Bill. He was at least forty or fifty pounds lighter. I had remembered reading in a history of Rome, as a child, that five lions had always been sent into the arena against four tigers. That seemed proof to me that the tiger was the lions master. I had onced talked about it to Denna Wyoming. "Bad Bill," said he, "can lick anything that walks or swims in the world." Anderson, then the chief assistant trainer laughed out loud when I told him about it. "Ben Royal kin tear Bill's heart out in three minutes," was his comment. Breakfast, an alarm sounded over our canvas world. Anderson was nowhere to be found. The rope which held the partition which separated Ben Royal and Bad Bill had been cut. Many of us had heard a lion roar in the night but had paid no further attention. Bad Bill was found, his throat torn, his stomach ripped open, and part of his carcass eaten. Ben Royal, with bloody jaws, dozed near him.

"The Lion has everything buffaloed but the tiger. When I was with Wallace I seen a tiger kill two lions quicker'n you could say 'have a drink'."


Jim Tully makes reference to a event where a tiger killed a lion Big Black Manned Lion named Bad Bill.

Tully also references an account where a tiger killed two lions in the Wallace Bros. Circus mentioned above. This same account is mentioned in Hagenbeck book

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Oct 30 16 12:00 AM

Here is other screen shots of the book Circus Parade...



Another account of tiger killing two lions

Tiede (1997) who has interviewed 4000 trainers and writes a book on the fight between a lion and tiger. Tiede writes of a similar account where a tiger killed two lions at Cirkus Kludsky at famous Czech circus.    



The Kludsky's (Karl and Rudolf) had a 30-animal (...) show (lions and tigers). All animals were used for a pyramid. When in Karlsbad, their father paid them a visit. They showed him the pyramid. When watching, a tiger suddenly jumped on a lion seated below and killed it instantly. Than he (or she) attacked another lion, which also was killed instantly. Sex, age and size of all three (tiger and two lions) unknown. All this happened before their eyes and before they were able to intervene. After the incident, Kludsky (read carefully) decided to keep both apart. Two tigers who he knew tolerated lions (and the other way round) were used for the mixed group. The other (8) tigers were shifted to his assistent Emil Klubach.


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Nov 7 16 5:36 AM

Harrisburg Telegraph, Friday, May 6, 1892 - Page 1

Attacked by a Tigress. After the Forepaugh circus line of parade was formed in Reading yesterday morning, and just before starting, Lawrence W. Scott, of St. Paul, Minn., who was seated in a cage with two tigers, was attacked by the female and badly lacerated by her sharp claws. Harry C. Grim, produce dealer, and Lewis Kreider, 220 Pearl street, saw the animal leap upon the trainer, and securing a pole from the driver ot the wagon beat lr the enraged feline. The driver came to their assistance and the animal was kept at bay until the unfortunate trainer had left the cage. He was bleeding from a lacerated scalp, the wound being three inches in length, and a cut lip, besides numerous scratches and bruises. Scott was assisted to the residence of Bernhard Mohan, 1633 Moses street, where his wounds were dressed by Drs. M. Leroy Wenger and J. S. Ammon, after which he was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in the Reading hose ambu lance. At the hospital some twenty stitches were required to close the wound in the head. Last night Scott was doing well and resting easy at the hospital, and will be able to rejoin the circus in a few days. The tigress and a lion had a fierce fight in the parade at Pottstown, the tigress being victorious, tearing .open tho flesh on the lion's head. Brooding over this encounter no doubt caused the attack on the keeper yesterday.


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Nov 10 16 2:39 AM

An article on the fight between tiger and lion in Everland Safari translated from original Korean...

Encounters between lions and tigers in everland Safari. In a one-on-one fight the tiger is said to have the advantage over a lion. But in group fights, the lion wins due to tigers not working together as a group.

Several fights are mentioned. Here are screen shots of the page translated to English...

-A fight between a lion named Pocheon and tiger named Hogel results in a victory for the tiger.
-A fight between a lion named Pochelle and tiger named Hoggle results in the death of the lion
-A lone female tiger fights against two male and two female lions
-Two tigers and two lions had a fight, in both fights the tigers were victorious.
-Three tigers and three lions are mentioned to fight in the 90's
-Lion wins fight with tiger named Hobie (Likely female)
-Lion known as King Takkuno flees from fight against tiger.
-Lion named ID loses fight to tiger named 16th, said to be one-sided victory.
-16th a Siberian tiger is said to be the most dominant cat in the late 2000's. Said to defeat every lion or tiger he fought against.

It also mentions about the lions mane in a fight. And says the mane does not save a lion from a tiger (See screen shot #4).













Here is the link to the page...

And the translated page...

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#26 [url]

Nov 14 16 11:32 AM

Here is another Korean article about Everland about the same accounts mentioned above

Lion and tiger fights, end result at Everland Safari

"According to the records and records of the Aberdeen keeper and sports reporter, the battle between the lion and the tiger is generally testified that the tiger is dominant.
In the battle between the lions and the tigers in a battle in Aberdeen safaris, the tigers often win in a one-on-one fight, and lions are often dominant in the group fight of the lion and the tiger."

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Jan 24 17 9:12 AM

From the, Song, Hong Keun the reporter reverse more information about the lion versus tiger at everland safari. The following is translated from Korean in the article below...

"The coup

The coup took place in October 2005. The main part of the coup was the Siberian tigers'

One day in October Venus and Cuckoo went to sleep while lion king Idey was napping. Meanwhile, Casio imitated the Venus. Leading the lions to the tiger area. Venus also joined the crowd late. The tigers were Mt. The arm tiger climbed up to the top of the rock, but that was a hell of a helpless place.

But only one tiger was an exception. Sixteen steel. He put his belly on the ground and straightened his shoulders. The power of the tiger comes from the beard. The whiskers serve as a whisker to capture the flow of air. Techno, who boldly tugged at the tigers, climbs up on the rock where the Sixteen River rises. The hexagons set their beards, lowered their posture and roared.

One-on-one. The Sixteen River was a natural fighter. On that day, the Sixth Stage destroyed the second element of the lion group.

Tigers are faster than lions when they fight. He uses the law to fall out, standing with his hind legs, and pegs his feet in pairs. The tiger is longer than the forelegs, so it is possible to 'straighten' it. It is ahead of the lion in the power. The lion stands on one axis and attacks with another foot. The weight is on the upper body and the breast is developed. So the destructive power of a fist is stronger than a lion is a tiger.

Sixteen fortified the tiger. After avoiding Techno's hook, he faced the face. As the Sixth Steel threatens to expose the teeth to be machined, Techno is embarrassed. Teeth are the last blow. If your opponent suffers a serious weakness, he breaks his breath with your teeth.

ID did not interfere in the fight woke up and roar. The tigers and lions of the safari become silent as if they were in turmoil. However, the hexagons were different. As I was fighting, I lowered my posture and looked at the ID. Cukudo ID who has put Sagang in his arms is dissatisfied. Cuckoo's mane hair started to pretend to be an adult.

The nickname of the Sixth Steel was 'village leader' until then. There was a nook and a corner. Such a man has knocked down the second man of the beast empire. Two months after that, the Sixth Steel will also defeat the ID. After that, the lions were pushed to the back ground, and the tigers were shooting wildly.

The answer to the curiousity of the peripheral curiosity of "the winner of the lion and the tiger fight?" Is that "the surviving one is strong" and "the strong one wins".

The Siberian tiger is big and it is advantageous in a one-on-one fight with the lion. The Sixteen River is the only Siberian tiger of the tiger group. He weighed more than 230 kilograms. The male lion weighs 210kg and the bengal tiger weighs 180kg. The power struggle of the Forbidden Empire was a battle between the tiny Bengal tiger and the lion until the Sixteen River was revealed. "

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#28 [url]

Jan 30 17 5:47 AM

Wild Animals Photographed and Described: By John Fortuné Nott, Page 43

In the book, a tiger belonging to Mr. Jamrack killed a lion with a throat bite. In addition, he also states that many hunters of Asia state the tiger as superior. Mr. Buffon says that the lion often braves the lion.


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#30 [url]

Jan 30 17 6:07 AM

From, "The Burlington Free Press" and "Democrat and Chronicle" it reports titled 'Tiger is Champion of the Jungle' where Basil Queed states that weight for weight, the tiger is superior to the lion and references two cases in the United states where a tiger defeated a lion. He also references Mabel stark you says that the tiger will kill a lion. In one of the cases, the greatest fight took place in Seattle, Washington where a fight was witnessed by a large group of people resulted in a victory for the tiger.



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#33 [url]

May 17 17 9:36 AM

China Environment News, Выпуски 78-107 The News, 1996

Liu leased l0 of his tigers to the Qinhuangdao Zoo and realized that he might save the tigers by showing them to the public for money.

Liu's t training of the tigers for a life in the wild proved successful when a three-year-old tiger killed an African lion in an accidental duel. Liu has written more than 20 papers on tiger breeding and screening, and on adapting them to life in the wild, leading the world in this field of research."


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#34 [url]

May 17 17 10:25 AM

From 'The Observer" Sunday, August 29, 1937

It mentions the case where a tiger killed a old lion ten years prior it was appeared to be an accidental occurance. It also mentioned an additional case, a fair fight was staged in a German zoo many years ago between a lion and tiger, the result was the death of the lion!

'The Observer' (1937) Quote - "Some ten years ago a similar meeting between a lion and a tiger occurred. In this case the tiger killed the lion but the latter was somewhat old and enfeebled. A similar tragedy was many years ago inadvertently staged at a German zoo, in which two vigorous specimens of the opposite species met and resulted in the death of the lion."


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#36 [url]

Jun 10 17 8:52 PM

Animal facts and feats: a Guinness record of the animal kingdom - Gerald L. Wood - 1972

"On the other side of the coin, Francis Buckland (1865) says a tigress in a menagerie at Birmingham seized a lion by the throat and killed it in a few minutes, while Proske (1957) describes a fight to the death between a circus lion and tiger"

The tigers won both these incidents.


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